Booking Procedures

HOURLY BOOKINGS:  One hour minimum at model’s assigned hourly rate; some models are paid higher fees due to higher levels of experience. Number of hours must be specified at the time of confirming the booking. Model must be paid for all time booked.

OVERTIME:  Anything before 8:11am and after 6:00pm or after (8) eight consecutive hours, time and 1/2  will be paid from the base hourly rate, unless other arrangements have been negotiated and confirmed by agency.

FULL DAY BOOKINGS:  All full-day bookings are computed and paid on an 8-consecutive hour basis. Day rates must be specified at time of confirming the booking and cannot be changed after the model has arrived at the job location. The full day must be paid even if the entire time is not used. Half-day rates will be based on model being booked on 4 hours.

WEATHER PERMIT:  Half booked time/rate to be paid to the agency for all cancellations, with a two-hour minimum if approved by agency.

CANCELLATIONS:  24 hours prior to booking– 100% (full fee) to be paid to agency. 48 hours prior notice of cancellation to booking date– 50% (half fee) to be paid to agency. 72 hours prior notice of cancellation to booking date–25% (quarter fee) to be paid to agency. If travels expenses have already been incurred by the model, talent, or agency, full compensation is required upon cancellation regardless of time from. If booking is postponed, negotiations will be discussed and qualified by agency.

ON HOLD, STANDBY, CONTINGENCY OR (ON ICE) BOOKINGS:  First right of refusal on model’s time. On hold must be released or confirmed within 24 hours prior to booking, otherwise other definite or confirmed bookings will take precedence. In some situation, clients might be required by the agency to release or confirm tentative or contingencies with more than a 24-hour notice.

WARDROBE FEES:  Half of the model’s assigned hourly rate.

FITTINGS:  Half of the model’s assigned hourly rate.

DIGITALS:  There are no charges for current Digitals/Polaroids on any model.

PRODUCT BOOKING:  Check with the agency for conflicts and rates on Billboards, National and International Ads, Packaging, Point-Of-Purchase displays or use of model’s name, likeness, or going-concern values. All products are subject to negotiation, especially when sensitive issues such as virility and females hygiene elements apply, which must be discussed and approved by the agency in advance of any use.

USAGE RIGHTS:  All Usage Rights are limited to the specific rights granted by agency (geographic, terms, saturation, media, perpetuity, etc.) and may not be extended without notice and approval by agency.

TEST BOOKINGS:  Must be cleared with the agency, and will be billed at one-half 50% of the model’s assigned hourly rate, and no release will be signed by the models, only the agency can endorse the release and rights thereto.


A). Notify if double, triple or group bookings.

B). Disclosure of extraordinary conditions or requirements.

C). When booking weather permit, specify weather requirements prior to the booking.

D). Provide adequate materials to include dressing and performance facilities, on all bookings.

AGENCY FEE:  There will be a 20% agency fee applied to all bookings and bonuses, based on the gross billing (in aggregate and total), but not assessed on any of the indexed expenses.